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ALEGRA: finite element modeling for multimaterial shock hydrodynamics and multiphysics

16th Hypervelocity Impact Symposium

John Henry Judah Niederhaus, Steven W. Bova, James Brian Carleton, John H. Carpenter, Kyle Cochrane, Wen Dong, Timothy Jesse Fuller, Brian Neal Granzow, Daniel Alejandro Ibanez-Granados, Stephen Ray Kennon, Christopher Bernard Luchini, Ramon Jules Moral, Christopher John O'Brien, Michael Powell, Allen C. Robinson, Jason James Sanchez, Christopher Siefert, Irina Kalashnikova Tezaur, Thomas E. Voth, Michael Meyers Crockatt, Angel Eliud Rodriguez, Alan K. Stagg

Abstract – 2022 Abstract 2022

Discrete modeling of a transformer with ALEGRA

Angel Eliud Rodriguez, John Henry Judah Niederhaus, Wesley James Greenwood, Christopher J.R. Clutz

SAND Report – 2021 SAND Report 2021

Numerical modeling of a small helical magnetic flux compression generator in ALEGRA


Michael Powell, John Henry Judah Niederhaus, Angel Eliud Rodriguez, George Vunni

Abstract – 2021 Abstract 2021

Resistive heating in an electrified domain with a spherical inclusion: an ALEGRA verification study

Angel Eliud Rodriguez, Christopher Siefert, John Henry Judah Niederhaus

SAND Report – 2020 SAND Report 2020

Modeling Cone Cracking in ALEGRA

DoD/Sandia Mod-Sim Capabilities Workshop

Jason James Sanchez, John Henry Judah Niederhaus, Angel Eliud Rodriguez

Display or Poster (non-conference) – 2016 Display or Poster (non-conference) 2016
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