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Macro- and Meso-Scale Modeling of PZT Ferrolelectric Ceramics

12th Biennial International Conference of the American Physical Society Tipical Group on Shock Compr

Rebecca Moss Brannon, Stephen Montgomery, John B. Aidun, Allen C. Robinson

Other Publication – 2001 Other Publication 2001

Verification and Validation of ALEGRA-MHD Using 2D, Radiation MHD Modeling of Z Liner Implosions

42nd Annual Meeting of the APS DPP/10th International Congress on Plasma Physics

Jose G. Arguello, Christopher J. Garasi, Thomas A. Haill, Thomas A. Mehlhorn, Allen C. Robinson, Bryan V. Oliver

Book – 2000 Book 2000

Statistical Methods for Computing Mesoscale Polarization and Transformatin Strain From Microscale Domains in a Ferroelectric Ceramic

The 2000 ASME International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition

Rebecca Moss Brannon, John B. Aidun, Allen C. Robinson, Stephen Montgomery

Conference Paper – 2000 Conference Paper 2000

Adaptive Finite Element Solution of Coupled Material Dynamics and Quasi-Static Electric Fields

Washington State Math Department Colloquim

Rose M. Torres, James S. Peery, Kent Grimmett Budge, Edward A. Boucheron, Michael K. Wong, Joe R. Weatherby, Allen C. Robinson, Stephen Montgomery, Rebecca Moss Brannon

Conference Paper – 2000 Conference Paper 2000

Computational Investigation of Magnetically Driven, Hypervelocity Flyer Plates for Equation of State Studies

42nd Annual Meeting of the APS Division of Plasma Physics combined with the 10th International Congr

Lisa A. Bunting Baca, Marcus David Knudson, Clint A. Hall, James Russell Asay, Thomas A. Haill, Michael P. Desjarlais, Christopher J. Garasi, Allen C. Robinson, Thomas A. Mehlhorn

Book – 2000 Book 2000

ALEGRA-MHD Simulations of Kinked Wire Validation Experiment

International Conference on Numberical Simulation of Plasmas

Dale L. Hetherington, Allen C. Robinson

Conference Paper – 2000 Conference Paper 2000
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Results 151–156 of 156