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Cache Aware Multigrid for Variable Coefficient Elliptic Problems on Adaptive Mesh Refinement Hierarchies

Numerical Linear Algebra and Applications

Alan P. Zelicoff, Jaideep Ray, Raymond S. Tuminaro, C. C. DOUGLAS, D. T. THORNE

Journal Article – 2014 Journal Article 2014

Multilevel Solvers

A Workshop on Methods for Computational Physics and Modern Software Practice

Alan P. Zelicoff, Raymond S. Tuminaro, Mark F Adams, Paul Lin, John N. Shadid, Marzio Sala

Other Publication – 2014 Other Publication 2014

Algebraic Multigrid for Systems of PDEs Based on Energy Minimization Principles

11th Internation Congress on Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Alan P. Zelicoff, Jeremie Gaidamour, Christopher Siefert, Raymond S. Tuminaro

Conference Paper – 2011 Conference Paper 2011

Massively Parallel Magnetic Diffusion Computations: Highly Scalable Z-pinch Simulations

Alan P. Zelicoff, Raymond S. Tuminaro, Pavel B. Bochev, Christopher J. Garasi, Allen C. Robinson

Other Publication – 2007 Other Publication 2007
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