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LBMD: A layer-based mesh data structure tailored for generic API infrastructures

20th AIAA Computational Fluid Dynamics Conference 2011

Ebeida, Mohamed S.; Knuppy, Patrick

A new mesh data structure is introduced for the purpose of mesh processing in Application Programming Interface (API) infrastructures. This data structure utilizes a reduced mesh representation to increase its ability to handle significantly larger meshes compared to full mesh representation. In spite of the reduced representation, each mesh entity (vertex, edge, face, and region) is represented using a unique handle, with no extra storage cost, which is a crucial requirement in most API libraries. The concept of mesh layers makes the data structure more flexible for mesh generation and mesh modification operations. This flexibility can have a favorable impact in solver based queries of finite volume and multigrid methods. The capabilities of LBMD make it even more attractive for parallel implementations using Message Passing Interface (MPI) or Graphics Processing Units (GPUs). The data structure is associated with a new classification method to relate mesh entities to their corresponding geometrical entities. The classification technique stores the related information at the node level without introducing any ambiguities. Several examples are presented to illustrate the strength of this new data structure.

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Results 51–66 of 66
Results 51–66 of 66