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Navigating the Rapids: Creating a Continuous Integration System for Github and Jenkins

2020 Collegeville Workshop on Scientific Software

Aaron L Levine, James Michael Willenbring

Conference Paper – 2020 Conference Paper 2020

Overcoming Productivity Plateaus: A Story of Automation Tools and Developer Productivity

Collegeville Workshop 2020

Miranda Rose Mundt Brandenburg, Aaron L Levine, John Daniel Siirola

Conference Paper – 2020 Conference Paper 2020

Trilinos Pull Request Testing

2017 Trilinos User-Developer Group meeting

James Michael Willenbring, Aaron L Levine

Presentation (non-conference) – 2017 Presentation (non-conference) 2017

SST Project Workflow & Tools

Trilinos User Group Meeting

Simon David Hammond, Aaron L Levine

Conference Paper – 2016 Conference Paper 2016
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