Publications / SAND Report

Supercomputer and cluster performance modeling and analysis efforts:2004-2006

Ang, James A.; Vaughan, Courtenay T.; Barnette, Daniel W.; Doerfler, Douglas W.; Ganti, Anand G.; Phelps, Sue C.; Rajan, Mahesh R.; Stevenson, Joel O.; Scott, Ryan D.

This report describes efforts by the Performance Modeling and Analysis Team to investigate performance characteristics of Sandia's engineering and scientific applications on the ASC capability and advanced architecture supercomputers, and Sandia's capacity Linux clusters. Efforts to model various aspects of these computers are also discussed. The goals of these efforts are to quantify and compare Sandia's supercomputer and cluster performance characteristics; to reveal strengths and weaknesses in such systems; and to predict performance characteristics of, and provide guidelines for, future acquisitions and follow-on systems. Described herein are the results obtained from running benchmarks and applications to extract performance characteristics and comparisons, as well as modeling efforts, obtained during the time period 2004-2006. The format of the report, with hypertext links to numerous additional documents, purposefully minimizes the document size needed to disseminate the extensive results from our research.