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Spectroscopy and capacitance measurements of tunneling resonances in an Sb-implanted point contact

Bishop, Nathaniel B.; Stevens, Jeffrey S.; Childs, Kenton D.; Ohlhausen, J.A.; Lilly, Michael L.; Carroll, Malcolm; Young, Ralph W.; Bielejec, Edward S.; Ten Eyck, Gregory A.; Wendt, J.R.; Rahman, Rajib R.; Grubbs, Robert K.

We fabricated a split-gate defined point contact in a double gate enhancement mode Si-MOS device, and implanted Sb donor atoms using a self-aligned process. E-beam lithography in combination with a timed implant gives us excellent control over the placement of dopant atoms, and acts as a stepping stone to focused ion beam implantation of single donors. Our approach allows us considerable latitude in experimental design in-situ. We have identified two resonance conditions in the point contact conductance as a function of split gate voltage. Using tunneling spectroscopy, we probed their electronic structure as a function of temperature and magnetic field. We also determine the capacitive coupling between the resonant feature and several gates. Comparison between experimental values and extensive quasi-classical simulations constrain the location and energy of the resonant level. We discuss our results and how they may apply to resonant tunneling through a single donor.