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Investigating the impact of the cielo cray XE6 architecture on scientific application codes

Vaughan, Courtenay T.; Rajan, Mahesh R.; Barrett, Richard F.; Doerfler, Douglas W.; Pedretti, Kevin P.

Cielo, a Cray XE6, is the Department of Energy NNSA Advanced Simulation and Computing (ASC) campaign's newest capability machine. Rated at 1.37 PFLOPS, it consists of 8,944 dual-socket oct-core AMD Magny-Cours compute nodes, linked using Cray's Gemini interconnect. Its primary mission objective is to enable a suite of the ASC applications implemented using MPI to scale to tens of thousands of cores. Cielo is an evolutionary improvement to a successful architecture previously available to many of our codes, thus enabling a basis for understanding the capabilities of this new architecture. Using three codes strategically important to the ASC campaign, and supplemented with some micro-benchmarks that expose the fundamental capabilities of the XE6, we report on the performance characteristics and capabilities of Cielo.