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Analysis of Microgrid Locations Benefitting Community Resilience for Puerto Rico

Jeffers, Robert F.; Staid, Andrea S.; Baca, Michael J.; Currie, Frank M.; Fogleman, William; DeRosa, Sean D.; Wachtel, Amanda; Outkin, Alexander V.

An analysis of microgrids to increase resilience was conducted for the island of Puerto Rico. Critical infrastructure throughout the island was mapped to the key services provided by those sectors to help inform primary and secondary service sources during a major disruption to the electrical grid. Additionally, a resilience metric of burden was developed to quantify community resilience, and a related baseline resilience figure was calculated for the area. To improve resilience, Sandia performed an analysis of where clusters of critical infrastructure are located and used these suggested resilience node locations to create a portfolio of 159 microgrid options throughout Puerto Rico. The team then calculated the impact of these microgrids on the region's ability to provide critical services during an outage, and compared this impact to high-level estimates of cost for each microgrid to generate a set of efficient microgrid portfolios costing in the range of $218-$917M. This analysis is a refinement of the analysis delivered on June 01, 2018.