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A new pressure relaxation closure model for two%3CU%2B2010%3Ematerial lagrangian hydrodynamics

Kamm, James R.; Rider, William J.

We present a new model for closing a system of Lagrangian hydrodynamics equations for a two-material cell with a single velocity model. We describe a new approach that is motivated by earlier work of Delov and Sadchikov and of Goncharov and Yanilkin. Using a linearized Riemann problem to initialize volume fraction changes, we require that each material satisfy its own pdV equation, which breaks the overall energy balance in the mixed cell. To enforce this balance, we redistribute the energy discrepancy by assuming that the corresponding pressure change in each material is equal. This multiple-material model is packaged as part of a two-step time integration scheme. We compare results of our approach with other models and with corresponding pure-material calculations, on two-material test problems with ideal-gas or stiffened-gas equations of state.