Slycat™ Expands External Access Through Demonstration Servers

The demonstration version of the Slycat™ server, Sandia National Laboratories’ open-source ensemble analysis and visualization system, has been released as a Docker container at This distribution provides a fully-functional webserver, preloaded with example Slycat™ models and test data. This release is intended to facilitate broader access to Slycat™ outside of Sandia, and to allow other Laboratories or academic institutions to experiment with Slycat’s functionality. Additionally, TechMilo, a contractor contributing to Slycat™, has setup a demonstration Slycat™ server outside of Sandia at This site provides the most accessible platform for demonstrating Slycat™ externally (username: demo, password: demo) and is also preloaded with example models for user exploration. (POC: Patricia Crossno,

The windows shows Slycat™ analysis of the cars dataset, one of the 7 different open datasets and data models distributed with the Slycat™ Docker container and available on the website.
Patricia J. Crossno,

November 1, 2017

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