Sandia Joins the Linaro HPC Special Interest Group

Sandia National Laboratories has joined Linaro’s High Performance Compute (HPC) Special Interest Group as an advanced end user of mission-critical HPC systems.  Linaro Ltd, is the open source collaborative engineering organization developing software for the Arm ecosystem. Sandia recently announced Astra, one of the first supercomputers to use processors based on the Arm architecture in a large-scale high-performance computing platform.  This system requires a complete vertically integrated software stack for Arm: from the operating system through compilers and math libraries. Sandia and Linaro will work together with the other members of the HPC SIG to jointly address hardware and software challenges, expand the HPC ecosystem by developing and proving new technologies and increase technology and vendor choices for future platforms. More info is available here.

Linaro Logo
Andrew J Younge,

August 1, 2018