Ryan Grant Wins Best Paper Award at IEEE Cluster Conference

 The Best Paper Award at the 2015 IEEE International Conference on Cluster Computing was given to a paper entitled “Optimizing Explicit Hydrodynamics for Power, Energy, and Performance” co-authored by Ryan Grant and colleagues from Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. The paper was selected from 38 regular papers presented at the conference.

Ryan Grant is an SMTS in the Scalable System Software Department. He graduated with a PhD in Computer Engineering from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada in 2012. His research interests are in high performance computing, with emphasis on high performance networking for exascale systems. Ryan currently leads the Portals interconnect programming interface research team. 

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Ryan Grant
Ryan Grant
Ronald B. Brightwell, rbbrigh@sandia.gov

September 1, 2015

News story url: https://www.sandia.gov/ccr/news/ryan-grant-wins-best-paper-award-at-ieee-cluster-conference/