New Umbrella CRADA with Caterpillar Approved

A new Umbrella CRADA with Caterpillar Inc. has been formally approved. This collaboration will bring together Sandia’s broad, advanced simulation technology for addressing Caterpillar’s multi-faceted design, analysis, and decision-making challenges. In turn, the development and integration of Sandia’s foundational technologies across these areas will be greatly accelerated. Moreover, the collaboration will further Sandia’s mission to meet the nation’s energy and economic security challenges and provide Caterpillar with advanced technical capabilities for improved decision making and virtual product development. The CRADA covers broad areas of computer and computational science, information and data analysis, engineering science, and high-performance computing. In addition to the Umbrella CRADA, a Project Task Statement (PTS) was also approved and work has already begun. The PTS supports improvements to the DAKOTA optimization and uncertainty quantification toolkit, along with the initiation of work to make DAKOTA more interoperable with the Pyomo collection of algebraic optimization tools. These new capabilities will provide immediate benefits to Caterpillar and set the stage for more advanced optimization capabilities in the future. The PTS also provides for in-depth training and technical support of DAKOTA and Pyomo for Caterpillar.

James R. Stewart,

October 1, 2012

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