Kitten Lightweight Kernel Booting on Intel Knights Landing processor and Running HPX-5 Many-Task Runtime System

Sandia’s Kitten Lightweight Kernel operating system has been ported to a pre-production Intel Knights Landing system and demonstrated running the XPRESS system software stack on the “many-core” system’s 240 available hardware contexts (Figure 1).  The demo was presented at a recent DOE ASCR X-Stack Program Principal Investigator Meeting and consisted of the Kitten Lightweight Kernel booting, detecting and initializing all of the system’s cores and memory, and then starting the HPX-5 version of the LULESH benchmark.  As a demonstration of the RCR power monitoring agent and APEX policy engine developed by the XPRESS project, the demo showed a user-defined power constraint being enforced by dynamically changing the number of active hardware contexts based on observed power usage, highlighting the dynamic adaptive capability of the XPRESS system software stack.

The XPRESS System Software Stack
The XPRESS System Software Stack
Ronald B. Brightwell,

April 1, 2016