Computer Magazine Highlights CCR Expertise in Energy Efficient HPC

 The October 2016 issue of Computer magazine on Energy Efficient Computing contains three feature articles co-authored by Sandians, including two articles from staff in the Center for Computing Research. The article “Standardizing Power Monitoring and Control at Exascale” co-authored by Ryan Grant (1423), Michael Levenhagen (1423), Stephen Olivier (1423), Kevin Pedretti (1423), and Jim Laros (1422) describes the Power API project, while “Using Performance-Power Modeling to Improve Energy Efficiency of HPC Applications,” co-written by Jeanine Cook (1422), describes a framework for modeling power that considers application-specific data to predict power consumption. Computer magazine is the flagship publication of the IEEE Computer Society.

October 2016 issue of Computer Magazine
October 2016 issue of Computer Magazine
Ronald B. Brightwell,

November 1, 2016

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