Andrew J. Landahl elected a Fellow of APS

Andrew J. Landahl, a distinguished member of the Non-conventional Computing Technology department, was elected a Fellow of the American Physical Society (APS).  He was nominated by the Topical Group on Quantum Information (GQI), which is a segment of APS of which Andrew is a recent past-Chair.  The citation for his Fellowship reads, “For outstanding leadership of and conscientious service to the quantum information community; and pioneering contributions to quantum computing theory, including fault-tolerant quantum computing, quantum error correction, universal adiabatic quantum computing, and novel quantum search algorithms.”  The APS Fellowship recognizes the foundational contributions that Andrew has made in several branches of quantum theory essential for making quantum information processing practical, in particular in fault tolerant architecture design and quantum error correction.  This Fellowship is a prestigious recognition of Andrew by his peers; it is reserved for no more than one half of 1% of APS members in any given year.  He will be presented with his Fellowship certificate at the annual meeting of the GQI at the APS March 2017 meeting.  Andrew joined Sandia National Laboratories when he was recruited to lead the theory task in the Quantum Information Science and Technology (QIST) Grand Challenge research project (GC LDRD).  He has since successfully proposed and then led the AQUARIUS GC LDRD, which focused on assessing the potential of adiabatic quantum computing, and is co-Deputy Director of Sandia’s Science and Engineering of Quantum Information Systems (SEQIS) research challenge.

John B. Aidun,

January 1, 2017