ACES and NERSC form partnership for next-generation supercomputers, an unprecedented collaboration between NNSA and the Office of Science

The Alliance for Computing at Extreme Scale (ACES, a collaboration of the NNSA’s Los Alamos National Laboratory and Sandia National Laboratories) and the Office of Science’s National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC) have fully integrated as a team as they work towards their respective next-generation supercomputer deployments. The goal of the new alliance is to acquire two supercomputers, Trinity and NERSC-8, using a common set of technical requirements and a single procurement process. The advantages of the combined acquisition strategy includes: strengthening the partnership of the NNSA and The Office of Science (SC) in the area of high-performance computing, leverage shared technical and risk management expertise, save industry time and money in responding to a single RFP and a single set of requirements, and the benefits associated with shared experiences in production operations.

Douglas W. Doerfler,

March 1, 2013