1460 researchers awarded contract to provide test and evaluation for IARPA MICrONS Program

1460 researchers recently won a contract to provide test and evaluation support for a new IARPA program: Machine Intelligence from Cortical Networks (MICrONS).  The MICrONS program aims to advance a new generation of neural-inspired machine learning algorithms by reverse engineering the algorithms and computations of the brain.  The Sandia team’s efforts will include applying sensitivity analysis to validate computational neural models, developing novel challenge stimuli and evaluation metrics to assess the performance of novel machine learning algorithms, and designing evaluation methodologies for assessing computational neural model designs and the neural fidelity of machine learning algorithms.  This work will book through the Defense Systems and Assessments PMU and supports the Synergistic Defense Products Mission Area.

The Sandia team is highly interdisciplinary and includes computational neuroscientists (a growing capability within 1460) as well as researchers from existing 1460 strengths in machine learning, data analytics, and computation.  The team includes (in alphabetical order):

PI and POC: Frances Chance (1462)

Brad Aimone (1462), Kristofor Carlson (1462), Brad Carvey (1461), Warren Davis (1461), Michael Haass (1461), Jacob Hobbs (6132), Kiran Lakkaraju (1463), Kim Pfeiffer (1720), Fred Rothganger (1462), Timothy Shead (1461), Craig Vineyard (1462), Christina Warrender (1461)


Frances S. Chance, fschanc@sandia.gov

September 1, 2016