Energy Surety Incubator

Sandia’s Energy Surety Incubator (ESI) program offers highly motivated students the opportunity to pursue their passion for renewable energy by working side-by-side with top engineers at the world’s leading R&D laboratory in energy surety, a field that includes energy safety, security, reliability, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness.

During the 10-week program, ESI interns will have the opportunity to do tours and lectures and collaborate with technical mentors on energy surety projects in renewable energy, energy storage, power distribution, power electronics, intelligent controls, systems engineering, smart grids, and microgrids.

What You Gain:

ESI interns will gain skills in the following areas:

  • Photovoltaic energy

  • Optimization for energy surety

  • Energy storage and power electronics

  • Complex systems theory

  • Energy reliability security and sustainability

  • Water/offshore wind

  • Energy economics and modeling

  • Battery storage

Project Types:

Energy related projects available for student interns include the following :

  • Wind/Water, Solar, PV, Nuclear Energy, Energy storage, Efficiency, Materials, Devices, and energy technologies scientists/Engineers

Application proceedure:

  1. Use Sandia’s Careers tool to create a username and password.

  2. Enter “ESI” into the Keywords text field, and click Search.

  3. Browse the list of ESI intern openings.

  4. Complete an online application for a specific intern opening

Detailed instructions for using Sandia’s Career tool to apply for a position are also available.