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TITANS Software (TITANS-SW) gives students the opportunity to develop next-generation software systems for compelling national security missions. Interns work on the most complex and challenging problems facing our nation.

TITANS-SW interns collaborate with software engineering experts to develop significant mission applications, including remote sensing, data analysis, and real-time applications. Projects may range from working on small research-and-development (R&D) efforts to joining large, multidisciplinary teams that are developing software systems with more than one million lines of code. Most TITANS-SW interns work on two projects, enabling them to acquire a broad understanding of the challenging problems that Sandia is solving for our nation.

Interns are part of a Sandia program, Technical Internships to Advance National Security (TITANS), which offers students valuable cross-exposure to projects in other TITANS tracks.


What You Gain:

  • Data analysis algorithm development

  • Object-oriented software engineering and development

  • Image and digital signal processing for a variety of sensor data

  • Data acquisition, processing, and exploitation

  • Detection, tracking, characterization, and classification algorithms

  • Modeling, simulation, and systems performance analysis

  • Data visualization and large-scale data management

  • Systems engineering across various platforms

Application procedure:

  1. Use Sandia’s Careers tool to create a username and password.

  2. Enter “TITANS” into the Keywords text eld, and click Search.

  3. Browse the list of TITANS intern openings.

  4. Complete an online application for a specific intern opening

Detailed instructions for using Sandia’s Career tool to apply for a position are also available.