We recruit at the best colleges and universities, looking for talented individuals to join our diverse workforce.

We want to meet you in person. We have recruiting teams that travel to colleges and universities around the country to speak with brilliant students just like you. During our campus visits, we're available to answer your questions, learn about your ambitions, and see if a career with Sandia National Laboratories may be in your future.

Take a look at the variety of career opportunities available at Sandia, and come talk to us at one of our campus events.

How to locate us

  • Look at our list of campus recruiting events.
  • Alternatively, check with your university's Career Services office to see what events we have scheduled at your school.
  • If there are no upcoming events at your campus, search for a career fair or conference in your area, and scan the list of employers for Sandia National Laboratories.

If we’re visiting your campus…

  • Be sure to attend our Tech Talk presentations. Presentations are great opportunities to network with current Sandia employees.
  • If you attend a campus job fair, stop at our booth to chat with us. There are usually plenty of Sandians to answer any and all of your questions. This is another excellent networking opportunity.
  • Don't forget to bring your resume.