Wounded Warrior Career Development Program

Military personnel on duty

For military personnel with combat-related disabilities

Sandia offers veterans the opportunity to acquire career-based skills through extensive training, mentoring, and support as they transition to civilian careers.

U.S. military veterans with combat-related injuries can acquire career-based skills through Sandia's Wounded Warrior Career Development Program. This limited-term (1–3 years) employment program is designed to assist veterans in their transition to civilian careers by providing extensive training, mentoring, and support in a real-world work environment.

Program participants will receive professional, individualized functional training and career guidance. Each Wounded Warrior hire will be matched with a senior executive mentor, a technical mentor, and a veteran mentor who will work with multiple agencies to provide a comprehensive support system.

Applicants should be ready to transition back to civilian life and should have an interest in a career in national security. Wounded Warrior hires will work in teams toward shared goals. They will also be asked to share their experiences to improve Sandia's understanding of combat theater and to enhance military connections with Sandia's work.


  • U.S. military veteran wounded in combat
  • Ready to transition back to civilian life
  • Interested in a career in national security
  • Comfortable with a team-based/collaborative approach toward shared work goals


  • Contribute to Sandia’s national security missions
  • Actively pursue higher education (undergraduate or graduate degree)
  • Develop and refine job-related skills through training
  • Engage in executive-level mentoring
  • Share experiences to improve Sandia’s understanding of combat theater and to enhance military connections with Sandia’s work
  • Mentor other Wounded Warriors after completing the program


  • A competitive salary and employee benefits
  • Flexible work schedule to accommodate pursuits of higher education
  • Potential to become a regular, full-time Sandia employee

Application procedure

  1. Use Sandia's Careers tool to create a username and password
  2. Enter "Wounded Warrior" into the Keywords text field and click Search
  3. Browse the list of Wounded Warrior job openings
  4. Complete an online application for a specific Wounded Warrior job opening
Detailed instructions for using Sandia's Careers tool to apply for a position are also available.