Victoria VanderNoot

Manager, Applied Biosciences & Engineering

Portrait of Victoria VanderNoot

Victoria VanderNoot manages the Biotechnology and Bioengineering department. The team spans two locations in Livermore and Emeryville, California, with expertise in micro and molecular biology, virology, analytical chemistry, microfluidics, and engineering. Her diverse team addresses a number of key problems affecting national security, including algal and lignocellulosic biomass conversion, biodefense and emerging infectious disease, and real-time health and performance monitoring. Key sponsors include DOE Office of Science, DOE Office of Energy and Renewable Energy, DoD Defense Threat Reduction Agency and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, the National Institutes of Health, and Sandia’s Lab Directed Research & Development Program.

VanderNoot has been at Sandia National Laboratories for over twenty years. She joined Sandia as a Senior Member of the technical staff and was promoted to Principal level before joining management.


Bachelor’s Degree: Chemistry, Carleton University

Doctoral Degree: Analytical Chemistry, Carleton University


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Selected Publications


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Book Chapter

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