Mary Tram-Gyamfi

Member of the Technical Staff

Portrait of Mary Tran-Gyamfi

In the past 10 years, Mary Tran-Gyamfi has worked on many different projects. In studying plants, algae, fungi and yeast, she has been able to understand the complexities and the roles that differing organisms can play in helping to build Sandia’s bioenergy program. She works in the bioconversion of algal carbohydrate and proteins, engineers and screens yeast to produce terpenes, and runs algae testbed experiments in three 1000L ponds to test algae growth under varying conditions.


Bachelor’s Degree: Biological Sciences (1996)

Relevant Prior Positions

Member of Technical Staff, Sandia National Laboratory (2008-Present)

  • Member of multiple algae project including carbon capture, algae bloom, and biomass conversion projects
  • Collaborates with the USDA to introduce cellulase expression into model plants

Biomedical Scientist, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (2000-2008)

  • Characterization and annotation of human zinc finger genes
  • Member of the Joint Genome Institute’s Mapping Group involved in annotating human Chromosome 5, 16 and 19
  • Member of the human genome and microbial sequencing group

Education Volunteer, Ghana, West Africa, United States Peace Corps (1997-1999)

  • Taught science and mathematics to high school students
  • Developed curriculum and designed educational materials to prepare students for national exams

Selected Publications