Kylea Parchert

R&D S&E, Biological Sciences & Engineering

Portrait of Kylea Parchert

Kylea Parchert’s current research examines the interaction of virus and host cell components. The aim of this research is to develop innovative viral diagnostic strategies utilizing these host-pathogen interactions.


Bachelor’s Degree: Biology, University of New Mexico (2004-2007)

Master’s Degree: Plant Pathology, Ohio State University (2007-2009)

Parchert’s undergraduate research focused on microbial ecology in arid environments. She looked at fungal communities in aridland soils and in desert varnish coatings. Parchert’s graduate research focused on the epidemiology of Fusarium head blight (FHB), a pathogen of wheat and other grain plants. FHB infection often results in mycotoxin accumulation in grains, and her research examined the accumulation of toxins during asymptomatic infections.

Research Interests

Viral Diagnostics

Parchert is interested in the interaction of host and virus during early infection and in finding ways to utilize these interactions in order to identify viral pathogens.

Microbial Ecology

Parchert is interested in identifying microbes in various ecological niches and in understanding how their unique characteristics enable microbes to survive in and adapt to their environments.

Selected Publications

  • Xiao X, Miller LL, Parchert KJ, Hayes D, Hochrein JM. 2016. Atmospheric solids analysis probe mass spectrometry for the rapid identification of pollens and semi-quantification of flavonoid fingerprints. Rapid Commun. Mass Spectrom. 30:1639-1646.
  • Parchert, K.J., Spilde, M.N., Nyberg, A., Porras-Alfaro, A., Northup, D.E. 2012. Fungal communities associated with rock varnish in Black Canyon, New Mexico: Casual inhabitants or essential partners? Geomicrobiology Journal 29:752-766.
  • Powell AJ, Parchert KJ, Bustamante J, Ricken JB, Hutchinson M, and Natvig DO. 2012. Thermophilic fungi in an aridland ecosystem. Mycologia 104:813-825.
  • Laurens L.M., Dempster T.A., Jones H.D.T., Wolfrum E.J., Van Wychen S., McAllister J.S.P. Rencenberger M., Parchert K.J., Gloe L.M. 2012. Algae biomass constituent analysis: Method uncertainties and investigation of the underlying measuring chemistries. Analytical Chemistry 84:1879-1887.