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Portrait of Hemant ChoudharyHament Choudhary

Hamet Choudhary is interested in lignin depolymerization, synthesizing chemicals from biomass, and the pre-treatment of biomass using ionic liquids or deep eutectic solvents.



Portrait of Samuel CoradettiSamuel Coradetti

Samuel Coradetti's research interests center around the metabolism and cellular biology of fungi and how unique aspects of fungal biology can be harnessed for sustainable chemical production.



Portrait of Colleen CourtneyColleen Courtney

Colleen Courtney is developing novel in vivo CRISPR-Cas delivery platforms and safe gene editing platforms.  



Portrait of Lalitendu DasLalitendu Das

Lalitendu Das's research interests are in chemical degradation of biomass to value-added chemicals, application of ionic solvents in bioprocessing, biochar technology in agricultural systems, and utilization of waste to energy and materials.



Portrait of Ruben Fernandez-MoyaRuben Fernandez-Moya

Ruben Fernandez-Moya’s work has been on the metabolic engineering of microorganisms for the synthesis of free fatty acids of defined length as well as the reduction of medium-chain fatty acid toxicity.





Portrait of Carolyn FisherCarolyn Fisher

Carolyn Fisher studies algae-bacterial cultures that are resistant to predation. She is interested in understanding the chemical ecology of these bacterial-algal co-cultures in order to implement the use of protective bacteria for industrial algae cultures.


Portrait of William GaillardWilliam Gaillard

William Gaillard is focused on developing electroporation microchips for automated and high throughput cell transfection/transformation in both aerobic and anaerobic environments. He is also investigating novel digital microfluidic approaches for fluid transport as well as novel embedded optical sensors for microfluidic systems.


Portrait of Nicole IngNicole Ing

Nicole Ing's current research interests are in developing high-throughput technologies to screen for metabolites and other bio-products. She is specifically interested in using nanostructure-initiated mass spectrometry, a surface-based mass spectrometry technique, to perform fast and highly sensitive biochemical analysis from small volumes of sample.


Portrait of Peter KimPeter Kim

Peter Kim's current research goal is to develop a fabricated soil ecosystem (EcoFAB) for studying plant, soil, and microbiome interactions in a laboratory setting. He is developing an artificially reduced, yet relevantly complex eocsystem in a fabricated device that is also easily accessible to various analytical techniques such as advanced imaging, metagenomics, and metabolomics. 


Portrait of Alexander LanderaAlexander Landera

Alexander Landera's research interests include physical property predictions via Equation of State modeling. Having relevance in fuel and engine design, these property predictions inform future developments of gasoline fuels, diesel fuels, and aviation fuels.



Portrait of Di LiuDi Liu

Di Liu's major research interest involves engineering microorganisms to produce renewable chemicals. She is interested in harnessing the potential of microorganisms and building novel metabolic pathways to improve the titer, productivity, and yield of various chemicals.





Portrait of Catherine MageeneyCatherine Mageeney

Catherine Mageeney's scientific research interest is studying alternative ways to fight antibiotic resistant bacteria. She has been working to examine genomic islands found within bacteria to find bacteriophages integrated into the host’s chromosome.



Portrait of Harsha MagurudeniyaHarsha Magurudeniya

Harsha Magurudeniya research interests include optimizing novel ionic liquids for pre-treatment technologies, exploring bio-derived ionic liquids for biomass dissolution and depolymerization, examining ionic liquids for biomass process separation and recovery, and applying novel ionic liquids to lignocellulosic biomass for advanced materials.


Portrait of Kristina MahanKristina Mahan

Kristina Mahan's current research projects are focused on next generation sequencing and variant analysis of improved algal production strains, algal predator detection, and on designing algal crop protection strategies using targeted hybridization assays.



Portrait of Jamie MeadowsJamie Meadows

Jamie Meadows engineers bacteria to produce previously petroleum-derived chemicals from sustainable and renewable feedstocks.



Portrait of Mood MohanMood Mohan

Mohan's research is focused on the pretreatment of lignocellulosic biomass using green solvents such as Ionic Liquids and Subcritical Water. His research covers phase equilibria of ionic liquids and deep eutectic solvents, conversion of lignocellulosic biomass into value-added chemicals, and prediction of thermodynamic and phase equilibria properties of liquid systems by computational chemistry calculations.



Portrait of Peter OtoupalPeter Otoupal

Peter Otoupal's research is in the development of next-generation genome engineering technologies that expand our ability to alter non-model organisms. He works with promising but poorly characterized fungi with the ability to produce large quantities of biofuels and bioproducts, but which require engineering to achieve their potential.


Portrait of Alberto RodriguezAlberto Rodriguez

Alberto Rodriguez is interested in the biological valorization of lignocellulosic biomass with an emphasis on the production of biofuels and bioproducts using metabolically-engineered microorganisms.





Portrait of Edwin SaadaEdwin Saada

Edwin Saada's main research interests are anti-viral inhibitors, with a focus on encephalitic alphaviruses and flaviviruses; CRISPR gene editing and inhibitors, and nanoparticle delivery systems.



Portrait of Somnath ShindeSomnath Shinde

Somnath Shinde's current research interests involve algal and lignocellulosic biomass to biofuels, chemical production, and upgrading biorefinery residues for bioblendstocks for fuels, lipids, bioplastics, and other value-added chemicals and materials. He works on algae biomass valorization, through one-pot bioconversion, in to high value added bioproducts.