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ALEGRA: Shock hydrodynamics and multiphysics

ALEGRA is a software project with an extensive set of physics modeling capabilities to simulate the response of materials that are subject to large deformations and strong shocks coupled with magnetics, magnetohydrodynamics, electromechanics and electromagnetic radiation in an arbitrary Lagrangian-Eulerian reference frame.

ALEGRA simulations provide insight into a variety of phenomena and engineering systems including

  • high-velocity impact
  • penetration mechanics
  • fragmentation
  • explosive devices
  • pulsed power devices
  • electrical explosions
  • detonators
  • electromagnetic acceleration
  • permanent magnets
  • transformers
  • fuzes
  • power supplies
  • ferroelectric generators
  • radiation-driven shock and damage

Research and development in several fields including performance portability for next-generation computing architectures, advanced multiscale material models, novel discretizations and linear solver technology for electromagnetics, and extended finite-element methods (XFEM) for Eulerian multimaterial solid dynamics, keeps the software on the cutting edge of high performance computing. There are two software products that we distribute: ALEGRA-EM and ALEGRA-HEDP.