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TNF1 Workshop

Naples, Italy, July 26-27, 1996

The first TNF Workshop was held just before the 26th Combustion Symposium in Naples. This workshop involved sixty-one people from eleven countries. The primary objectives were to:

  • Select a set of well-documented and relatively simple flames that will be appropriate for collaborative comparisons of model predictions
  • Specify common submodels to be used in those predictions such that models for the coupling of turbulence and chemistry might be isolated and better understood

The proceedings (Sandia Report SAND96-8564) include the information distributed to all participants at the beginning of the workshop, as well as the summary of recommendations generated at the close of the workshop.

TNF1 Organizing Committee

R. Barlow

R. Bilger

J.-Y. Chen

I. Gokalp

E. Hassel

A. Masri


N. Peters




TNF1 Proceedings


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