The PPM project is building a materials-centric foundation to enhance agility and responsiveness for future mission needs relative to material performance. Ultimately, this PPM framework will better allow the materials science community and Sandia to address both recurring and emerging materials concerns in a more holistic and effective manner.
Future initiatives of PPM largely look to integrate models and experiments using parallel continuum-down and atoms-up approaches. Fruitful by-products of this approach include not only solutions to materials challenges, but also strengthening bridges between the materials science, solid mechanics, and component engineering communities at SNL and beyond.
Specific potential areas beyond bcc transition metals and structural alloy weld reliability under consideration include:
  • microelectronic packaging reliability,
  • glass-to-metal seal failure,
  • electrical contact tribology,
  • aging degradation of foams and polymers,
  • and long-term material compatibility.