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What guides Corporate Ombuds practice?


Technology Transfer is an essential element of the Sandia Laboratories mission to serve the national interest. Creating and maintaining healthy business relationships in this area requires awareness of shared, complementary and conflicting needs and interests of diverse partners. 

The Technology Transfer Ombuds (TTO) offers an informal process to help resolve issues, concerns, and occasional conflicting needs and interests. These can sometimes surface as part of the laboratories' technology partnerships, patents, intellectual property concerns, and licensing activities. As a designated neutral party, our Ombuds provides confidential, resolution-focused services. The TTO can also offer guidance to other resources for formally reporting and resolving issues.

Through the ombuds process, we encourage collaborative techniques such as mediation to facilitate the speedy and low-cost resolution of complaints and disputes, when appropriate.

The Ombuds does not:

  • Act as a decision maker or draw conclusions
  • Investigate or make formal recommendations on findings of fact
  • Serve as an office of formal notice of claims to Sandia
  • Become involved in contract negotiations, legal issues or legal actions
  • Replace, override, or influence formal review or appeal mechanisms


If you'd like to discuss an issue or concern related to our technology transfer activities, please contact SNL's Technology Transfer Ombuds, Mauricio "Reese" Ramos, at (925) 294-2065.


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Ombuds: Mauricio "Reese" Ramos
(925) 294-2065
(925) 294-2072 Fax
(800) 472-6342  ext. 4-2065 Toll-Free
PO Box 969, MS 9911
Livermore, CA 94551-0969

New Mexico:
Jennifer Stinebaugh
(505) 844-7638 or
(505) 844-9763
(505) 845-0608 FAX
(866) 236-9874 Toll-Free
PO Box 5800, MS0918
Albuquerque, NM, 87185-0918

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