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What guides Corporate Ombuds practice?


Sandia’s Supply Chain Management (Procurement) Center has established a process to resolve Supplier concerns. The Sandia Acquisition Conflict Resolution Process (ACRP) is timely and includes several options to create mutually beneficial results for the supplier and Sandia.

The Ombuds are available to suppliers before and during the ACRP, as well as, an alternative resolution path to this process.  Whether or not the Ombuds is part of the ACRP, they can coach, facilitate more effective discussions, assist parties in understanding their own and others’ needs and interests and help them create options to meet as many of those as possible.  Since the ACRP is a more formal process and the Ombuds is an informal resource, the differences in the paths to resolution should be discussed with an Ombuds.

Contacting an Ombuds does not initiate the ACRP.  That is accomplished by notifying the Sandia Contracting Representative or Sandia Supply Chain Management.


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Ombuds: Mauricio "Reese" Ramos
(925) 294-2065
(925) 294-2072 Fax
(800) 472-6342  ext. 4-2065 Toll-Free
PO Box 969, MS 9911
Livermore, CA 94551-0969

New Mexico:
Jennifer Stinebaugh
(505) 844-7638 or
(505) 844-9763
(505) 845-0608 FAX
(866) 236-9874 Toll-Free
PO Box 5800, MS0918
Albuquerque, NM, 87185-0918

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