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MatSeis is a seismic toolbox for MATLAB. It provides a time-distance profile plot integrating origin, waveform, travel-time, and arrival data. Graphical plot controls, data manipulation, and signal processing functions provide a user friendly seismic analysis package. In addition, the full power of MATLAB (a commercial tool for general numeric processing and visualization) is available for prototyping new functions by users.

Documentation and Reports

  • MatSeis User's Manual (updated for MatSeis 1.12), with installation instructions and tutorial. PDF (7890 Kb)
  • MatSeis User's Manual (updated for MatSeis 1.10), with installation instructions and tutorial. PDF (7890 Kb)
  • A Sandia Labs Report describing the NNSA Knowledge Base Core Table Schema (a revision of CSS3.0). PDF (607 Kb)
  • MatSeis Developers Guide PDF (333 Kb)

Obtain Software

At the moment the most recent releases of the MatSeis program are currently only precompiled for Windows32 and Windows64 operating systems. If you require a version precompiled for an alternate operating system, send us a request at and we will try to work with you.
Download MatSeis: Right click one of the links below and then select "Save Link As..." (Netscape) or "Save Target As..." (IE). Make sure to save the file with the proper extension! For MATLAB 2007 and 2008, you need to determine whether it uses Java 1.5 or 1.6. For example, 2008a on SunOS uses Java 1.6, but 2008a on Macs uses Java 1.5. To find out which version of the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) is being used by MATLAB on your platform, type 'version -java' at the MATLAB prompt.

Obtain Test Data


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Contact Information

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