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December 19, 1997

Media blitz blares dino sound worldwide

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Sandia's work with the New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science recreating the sound of the Parasaurolophus dinosaur has intrigued news media worldwide. Here are some of the major media that have run a story on the dinosaur sound project. CBS News, ABC News, Today Show (NBC), Dateline NBC, CNN, BBC (television and radio), The Discovery Channel, German television (two different networks), National Public Radio, French National Television, Italian Television, and the Canadian Broadcasting System (television and radio). Also, Science Update, AAAS-Radio (American Association for the Advancement of Science), The New York Times, Newsday, San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, Agence France Press, Associated Press, Reuters News Service, Der Spiegel (German news magazine), Sunday Times (London), Daily Republic (Portugal), and TIME Magazine for Kids. Also, ScienceNow (Science magazine's web site), High Performance Computing and Communications Week, Focus (Italian science magazine), GeoTimes (magazine), Scientific Computing and Automation, Earth magazine, and Wired News. There's no telling how many newspapers and television stations have carried the story, because it went on the Associated Press wire, Reuters, and Associated Press television. Also, many stations pick up feeds from CNN, which broadcast the story. Employee Communications and Media Relations Dept. 12640 facilitated these media interactions.

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