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Vol. 53, No. 2        January 26, 2001
[Sandia National Laboratories]

Albuquerque, New Mexico 87185-0165    ||   Livermore, California 94550-0969
Tonopah, Nevada; Nevada Test Site; Amarillo, Texas

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Security and Force Protection

Sandia's Security Police Facility Command Center (FCC) became operational last April in a newly constructed, modernized area in Bldg. 956. It has state-of-the-art phone and radio systems, caller ID, and 911 tie-in. The new strategic location saves officers' time and transportation costs. Our old Headquarters Command Center in Bldg. 802 (unstaffed, but fully functional) is now the backup command center. No communications between buildings 802 and 956 existed before installation of a fiber-optic pathway. (7100, 7800, 9300, 9500) Janet Ahrens, jsahren@sandia.gov

All Security audits and surveys received satisfactory ratings (DOE's highest ranking). Results noted Sandia has made significant progress over the past year in improving and strengthening the overall performance of the Safeguards and Security Program. In addition Sandia made notable progress in implementing the Secretary's new security enhancements. Enhanced security procedures for vaults and vault-type-rooms were implemented. Unapproved space-savers were replaced with GSA-approved safes. Non-standard storage locations are either manned or alarmed. (7100) Terri Lovato, talovat@sandia.gov

More than 10,000 employees and contractors, along with 4,000 visitors, were rebadged between April and June (mandated by DOE and conducted every five years). All received the newly designed DOE/Sandia standard badge. In connection with rebadging, all Limited Area entrances at Sandia/New Mexico were changed to require use of both badge and Personal Identification Number. These changes were accomplished with minimal disruption to the Lab. Personnel Security also issued the newly designed ES&H Quick Reference Card to more than 10,000 employees and contractors. (7100, 7800) Bob Baca, rgbaca2@sandia.gov

A diverse multi-department team packaged and shipped enriched uranium to the Y-12 Plant, reducing security risk and future costs. This multifaceted project presented a broad range of new challenges, each requiring resolution before work could begin. Concerted efforts of forty individuals in thirteen departments across three centers were necessary to plan, execute, and finalize the shipment. The synergy that evolved within the team was paramount to success. The corporate knowledge gained here will facilitate continued initiatives to disposition Sandia's legacy nuclear material in coming years. (7100, 10200, 6400) Warren Strong, wrstron@sandia.gov

The College Cyber Defenders Program (CCD) provides students with hands-on experience in the areas of information protection, computer security, networking, and distributed systems. The mentors and staff of the CCD program have developed a unique environment that challenges students with cutting edge research projects, while supplying multiple levels of new skills for students with varied computer backgrounds. The program has grown rapidly since its inception and has graduated two students to full time jobs at Sandia. CCD students assisted in the December 1999 security audits. Nina Berry, nmberry@california.sandia.gov)

The US Air Force installation in Izmir Turkey is distributed throughout the city in various facilities, sometimes sharing the structures with non-US businesses (hotels, etc). The terrorist threat, at times, is real and imminent. For this non-traditional security application, Sandia has provided and installed for the Air Force an intrusion detection and surveillance capability to deter and detect intrusions and other activities which could preface a terrorist incident. Part of this system is now used as a model for a European-wide upgrade to the Joint Services Interior Intrusion Detection system. (5800) Bob Graham, bgraham@sandia.gov

Last modified: January 31, 2001

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