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The requirement to conduct random drug testing is the result of a memorandum from the previous Secretary of Energy, Samuel Bodman, directing DOE sites to begin random drug testing for all positions that require access authorizations. The decision was based on:

  • A DOE Task Force Review of the Departmental Personnel Security Program completed in February 2007.
  • "A desire to ensure the safety and security of workers, DOE sites, and surrounding communities," Bodman said in the memorandum.

Drug Testing Requirements

  1. Pre-employment & Clearance Applicants. November 1, 2007, DOE stopped accepting clearance request packages without drug testing results. This includes initial clearances and reinstatements.
  2. New Testing Designated Positions (TDP). Any Member of the Workforce who holds an L or Q clearance that will be tested at a 30% random sampling rate.

Clearance applicants who have used illegal drugs during the 12 months prior to completing their Federal Questionnaire for National Security Positions will be disqualified from consideration until they can demonstrate 12 consecutive months of non-use.

Curent Procedures

If you are called:

  • Verbal notifications will be made to randomly selected cleared Members of the Workforce during duty hours (8:00 AM – 4:30 PM for SNL NM and 8:00 – 4:00 PM SNL CA).
  • The Member of the Workforce is given the option to report immediately or make an appointment for drug test within the day.
  • Selected persons must report to a designated collection site the day they are notified.
  • During call up, Members of the Workforce are reminded that failure to report to the collection center today, or refusal to provide a specimen, will result in measures equal to those for a positive drug test including suspension of clearance access to the site and job jeopardy.
  • For Members of the Workforce who do not work at a Sandia location where there is a collection center, information on where to report will be given at the time of notification.
  • Those individuals who do not work at a Sandia location will have 24 hours to report to a collection facility after notification. 
  • To ensure that out-of-town Members of the Workforce have the proper paperwork, the drug testing administrative staff have sent managers Custody and Control Forms to keep in case the Member of the Workforce is called.

Failure to Report: Current Administrative Procedure

  • At end of business day, collection site administrator informs Health Care & Support Services (3334) Manager, Member of the Workforce’s Manager, and Medical Review Officer (MRO) on duty that the Member of the Workforce has failed to report for the drug test.
  • MRO on duty completes the following:
    • Fills out badge deactivation form to be sent to Safeguards & Security Badge Office, and Corporate Investigations.
    • Deragotory information letter is sent to HR, ELR, CI, Badge Office, Safeguards & Security, Member of the Workforce, and Manager.
  • Member of the workforce is instructed by his or her Manager to report to a collection facility immediately the following day, and will be drug tested and given a breath alcohol test.

Failure to Report: Current Procedure for Sub-Contractors

Immediately following the tests, the sub-contractor will meet with a Medical Review Officer who collects the badge, and instructs the individual that he/she will be removed from the Sandia Contract until the drug screen comes back negative. Diciplinary action is determined by the subcontracting company.

Verified Positive Drug Test Procedure

  • If a lab result indicates the presence of drugs in a specimen, those results will be provided to the Medical Review Officer (MRO). The MRO will seek information about the results, including the use of prescription medications.
  • The MRO will determine whether a result is reported as either positive or negative.
  • The immediate consequences of a verified positive drug test by a certified MRO include the worker’s badge being confiscated, loss of clearance, and removal from his or her Testing Designated Position (TDP) duties.
  • The MRO on duty completes the following:
    • Fills out badge deactivation form to be sent to Safeguards & Security, Badge Office, and Corporate Investigations.
    • Derogatory information letter is sent to HR, ELR, CI, Badge Office, Safeguards & Security, Member of the Workforce and Manager.
  • A sub-contractor whose result is confirmed as positive will be removed from the performance of the Sandia contract immediately.

On the Use of Medical Marijuana or Another Person's Prescription Drugs

  • The use of medical marijuana, even for medical purposes is prohibited in accordance with 10CFR710 and national policies.
  • It is illegal to use another person's prescription medications.

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