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In compliance with DOE, it is Sandia’s policy to request the termination of the clearance of an individual who will not require access to classified information for 90 consecutive calendar days or more. The clearance will be terminated when the individual starts the extended absence unless the following actions are taken:

  1. The member of the workforce notifies the Personnel Security Clearance Office prior to starting the extended absence, that he or she will require use of the clearance during the extended absence. Also inform the Clearance Termination Specialist at sign out.
  2. The Sandia Manager of individual going on extended absencemust submit a SF 2730-RMC, Request to Maintain Clearance During Leave of Absence to the Personnel Security Clearance Office no later than 60 days after the extended absence has commenced. DOE only authorizes a clearance be extended for up to 180 working days.

Categories of Extended Absences:

  • Military
  • Personal
  • Child Care
  • Family Care
  • Special Degree Program
  • Medical
  • Special (i.e. Tribal Government Appointments)

The request to maintain a clearance during an extended absence will be submitted to DOE by the Personnel Security Clearance Office to for approval.

If the request is approved, the individual will be allowed to maintain the clearance for the approved period.

If the request is denied, the individual's clearance may be terminated.  If the individual’s clearance is terminated, a request to reinstate the clearance may be submitted to the Personnel Security Clearance Office 90 calendar days prior to the individuals return to work.

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