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There are several steps to complete prior to your visit to the Enrollment Center for registration of your new HSPD-12 federal credential.

  1. Remote Sites Process
  2. Review Your Data
  3. Gather Identity Documentation
  4. Create An Account
  5. Create a Username and Password
  6. Review Account Summary
  7. Choose Location/Credentialing Center to Visit
  8. Select Type of Appointment
  9. Select Day & Time for Appointment
  10. Identify Sponsoring Agency
  11. Confirmation of the Appointment
  12. To Cancel Appointment
  13. To Modify Appointment (includes missed appointments)
  14. Forgot your Username or Password?

Step 01:

Remote Sites Process

Because you are located at a remote site, the process for obtaining your new federal credential will be a slightly different process than at SNL/NM or SNL/CA. 

  • First you will enroll for your new federal credential at a USAccess Center near you.
  • Your new federal credential will then be sent to SNL/NM.
  • SNL/NM will encode your new badge so that it will work in the SNL Physical Security System.
  • SNL/NM will FedEX your new federal credential to your FSO.
  • Your FSO will exchange your new federal credential with your Standard DOE Badge.
  • You will then be required to activate your new federal credential at a USAccess Center following the same steps as followed for the enrollment.

To determine the nearest USAccess Center, click here to use the Center Locator tool.

  • In the activity type drop down box choose Enrollment/Activation.
  • In the type drop down box chose Shared Center.
  • Enter in a City/State or Zip code to find a Center near you.
  • Then click find – all the centers that are found within a 100 mile radius will appear.
    • Print this page for reference.
  • You will then proceed with the Badge Enrollment Process.

Step 02:

Review Your Data

Review your name as recorded in the e-mail you received (subject line: New Federal Credential Ready for Enrollment) to verify it is your correct legal name. It is important to ensure that this information matches what is on your proof-of-identification documents. If you need to make changes, contact in New Mexico or in California.

Step 03:

Gather Identity Documentation

You will need to provide documentation to validate your identity during your enrollment. At your enrollment appointment you must present two forms of identification—your secondary must be your Sandia issued badge.

Note: If your Sandia-issued badge or your driver's license are faded or worn, you will be asked to obtain a new one prior to your enrollment appointment.

If you do not have at least one form of primary ID and another secondary form of ID, you will not be able to enroll/register for your federal credential (a.k.a. smart card).

Your first and last name must match the names on the documents you provide during your enrollment appointment.

Your secondary form of identification can be an additional primary form of identification (such as U.S. Passport, Driver’s License with photo, Military ID, or Military Dependent ID), or one of the secondary forms of identification described on the Acceptable Forms of Identification list. Some examples from the list include:

  • U.S. Social Security Card
  • Birth Certificate (original or certified copy)
  • ID card issued by federal, state, or local government agency
  • School ID with photograph
  • Voter's registration card

Your ID documents must match the name entered in the system. If your information does not match and you go to your appointment, you will not be able to enroll and will be asked to reschedule your appointment.

Some examples of mismatches that require a correction are:

  • Apparent typo or transposition of letters in the name (ex. Jmaes vs. James)
  • Mismatch between a given name and an alias, nickname, or derivative name (ex. Jim vs. James)
  • Mismatch between maiden name in one record and married name in the other
  • Mismatch of the suffix

If mismatches appear and the system is incorrect, you will need to contact in New Mexico or in California.

Once this update is made, you will receive another e-mail to make an enrollment appointment. Once again, verify the personal information on the e-mail to be sure it is correct and matches the names on your identification documents.

If a mismatch occurs, but your identification documents are correct (e.g., you recently married), you can bring what is called a “linking document” to your appointment. A “linking document” can be used to link two names on two identification source documents.

Acceptable “linking documents” include:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Certified copy of birth certificate
  • Court record of name change

The “linking document” must have both your former and current legal names on it and both the primary and secondary identification documents must be valid and not expired. For example, a married woman may use both a current driver's license (with married name) and a certified copy of her birth certificate (with maiden name), but will be required to bring a “linking document” (e.g., marriage license) with both her maiden name and married name on it.

Step 04:

Create An Account

In order to schedule an enrollment appointment you must first create an account in the GSA Online Scheduling System.

Note: Due to vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer, the GSA web site must now be added to your "trusted sites" when using IE as your browser.

Create an account by clicking First Time Users Click Here to Register.


Step 05:

Create a Username and Password

Enter the following information to create your account.

  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • E-mail address (Use your Sandia e-mail address. This email address will be used to send confirmations of your appointments.)
  • Phone number
  • Username
    (Keep your username/password in a safe place as you will need to access the scheduling system again to pick up your card.)
  • Password
    Your 6- to 8-character password will require one capital letter, one special character (#, %, &, *), and at least one number. It cannot contain your first or last name.

Do not use your Kerberos password!

Suggestion: Use your current PIN with your initials either at the beginning or end.


Step 06:

Review Account Summary

You will be taken to the screen shown and prompted to review your information.

If okay, print this page and keep your username and password in a safe place as you will need to access the scheduling system again to pick up your card.

Click Submit registration in the lower right-hand corner of page.


Step 07:

Choose Location/Credentialing Center to Visit

  • Select the Location Group drop-down menu.
  • Choose the state where you will be enrolling.

Choose New Mexico if you want to enrolling in New Mexico, or California if you are enrolling in California.


Select the Location drop-down menu and pick the location where you want to enroll.

If you are located in New Mexico you have two locations to choose from: 1611 Innovation Pkwy, Albuquerque, NM (the SNL/NM Badge Office) or Pennsylvania and H St, Bldg 380 on Kirtland Air Force Base (KAFB).

If you are located in California, choose 7000 East Ave, Bldg T6501 Room 1004 located at LLNL (click here for a map to the California badging facility)


  • Click Next in the lower right-hand of the page.

Step 08:

Select Type Of Appointment

  • In the Activity drop-down box, select Enrollment.
  • In the Workstation drop-down box, select Any Workstation.


Step 09:

Select Day & Time For Appointment

  • From the calendar, find a day and time that suits your schedule. Grayed areas indicate times when the workstation is unavailable. White areas indicate free times.

Click on Find First or Find Next to search previous or future weeks for free times.

  • Once you have selected a day/time, click on the white area on the calendar to reserve that day/time.


Step 10:

Identify Sponsoring Agency

  • Select Department of Energy from the pull-down menu and click Next in the bottom right-hand of screen.


Step 11:

Confirmation of the Appointment

Details of your appointment request will be shown on the screen.

  • Review the details of the appointment to ensure accuracy and then click Make Appointment to confirm.


You must click Make Appointment in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen in order to finalize your appointment.

Step 12:

To Cancel Appointment


  • Click OK to confirm that you want to cancel the appointment.


You will receive an e-mail confirming that your appointment has been canceled. The e-mail will be sent to the address you listed when creating your account.

Step 13:

To Modify Appointment (includes missed appointments)


  • The calendar screen will appear. Follow steps 8-10 to make and confirm your appointment. A new confirmation e-mail will be sent to the address you listed when creating your account.

Step 14:

Forgot your Username or Password?

If you have forgotten your username or password, you should create a new account in the GSA Online Scheduling System.

  • To create a new account, see Step 3 and follow the steps for account creation.

SAND Number: 2009-1465 W