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In response to HSPD-12, L– and Q-cleared Members of the Workforce of Sandia National Laboratories will soon have new badges (HSPD-12 Federal Credentials). The new badge will provide access to facilities and security areas throughout the federal government.

The USAccess program is a government-wide initiative to issue common, federal ID credentials to all federal employees and contractors. These credentials provide federal employees and contractors with an easily recognizable way to identify themselves as well as trust the identity of other USAccess credential holders.

There are several steps to processing your new HSPD-12 Federal Credential. Please click on each link below in order to receive detailed instructions on how to perform each of the activities required to acquire your new badge.

Federal credential enrollment for subcontractors:

IMPORTANT: Previously, SNL subcontractors were instructed to ONLY complete the HSPD-12 enrollment process. SNL-cleared subcontractors may now complete both the enrollment process and the badge pick-up and activation process.

Due to the constraints of the DOE GSA system, a single email address cannot be used for multiple individuals. An individual email address must be used. You may create individual company accounts for your personnel and set up a rule to have the notifications forwarded to you or you may set up yahoo type accounts for each. Unfortunately, we do not have any way around this issue.

Each individual will also be required to create a unique username and password to set up their enrollment appointments. You may do this for them if you choose to do so. Keep in mind that a separate user account will be required for each individual. Multiple appointments cannot be created using one account username.

Any questions can be sent to

Instructions for HSPD-12

    Badge Enrollment Process

    Badge Pick-up Process

    Badge Enrollment Process Video

    Remote Site Enrollment Process

    Remote Site Pick Up Process

    Remote Site Enrollment Process Video


SAND Number: 2009-1465 W