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Interacting with Foreign Nationals

BEFORE providing any *foreign national **access to DOE information, programs, and technologies and SNL Sites, DOE, and SNL rules and regulations require authorization be obtained through the SNLrules and regulations require authoization be obtained throught the SNL Foreign National Request (FNR) Security Plan (SP) electronic process. The Contractor and Subcontractor must notify their Sandia Delegated Representative (SDR) to initiate the SNL process to obtain the required approval prior to providing foreign national access to:

  • DOE/SNL facilities
  • DOE information, programs, and technologies (at SNL sites or offsite)
    • DOE programs are those funded by DOE.
    • DOE technologies are those developed using DOE funding.
    • DOE information is that information generated using DOE funding.

*A foreign national is any person who is not a U.S. citizen, including lawful permanent residents.

**Access is defined as, circumstances or actions involving foreign nationals that result in physical presence at a DOE/SNL site or the passing of DOE information or technologies to a foreign national.

FIO Time Requirements

Are you worried that you might not have enough time to submit a Foreign National Request Security Plan (FNR SP) for approval? 

Time requirements for submitting an FNR range from 5-60 days.  This is primarily based on the sensitivity of the foreign national and the nature of access being requested.   Sensitive Security Plans take 60 days to approve, Specific Security Plans (Cyber and/or After Hours access requested) take 20 days to approve and Generic Security Plans take approximately 5 days to approve.  If access to Kirtland Air Force Base is needed, then these plans must be submitted 30 days in advance of the planned visit start date. It is the SNL host’s or originator’s responsibility to monitor their FNR.  Contact either your SDR or the Foreign Interactions Office Helpline at 505-844-8263 for assistance with FNR’s.

Dual Citizenship

Dual citizenship means that a person is a citizen of two countries at the same time.  Those individuals that wish to visit SNL must inform their host of all citizenships they carry.  If neither of the citizenships is the United States, the SNL host will need to submit a Foreign National Request Security Plan (FNR SP).  If one of the citizenships is the United States, then the host may submit an “Uncleared Badge Request Form” which will be processed through the Badge Office.  If you are unsure what citizenship the individual is, it is important to ask.  Due diligence requires that you know who you are giving information to and that they have a need to know.