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Clearance Action Status Inquiries

Sandia Personnel Security strives to process all clearance requests to DOE/NNSA Personnel Security Division in a timely manner. When a customer fails to submit required clearance paperwork or submits incomplete clearance paperwork, the processing of the clearance is delayed. Some clearance requests require an individual to schedule appointments for electronic fingerprinting or drug testing which increase the clearance processing times. The DOE requires a clearance applicant's background to be investigated. The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) Federal Investigations Services conducts background investigations for the DOE. When OPM conducts background investigations they discover that some individuals have more complex backgrounds than others and, consequently, more time is required to conduct a complete background investigation. To better understand the clearance process, please view the Clearance Request Process Flowchart below.

Initial Clearance Action Inquiry
An initial is defined as a DOE clearance request for an individual who has never held a DOE Q or L clearance. Personnel who have been processed for an initial clearance may utilize the DOE Applicant Tracking System to view when the OPM scheduled their background investigation, when DOE received the background investigation results, and when a final determination to grant or deny the clearance action request was made.

DOE/NNSA notifies theSandia Personnel Security Clearance Office of their decision to grant or deny a clearance action request one business day after their determination is posted in the DOE Applicant Tracing System. Sandia's Personnel Security Clearance Office will notify the individual and manager of the DOE/NNSA's clearance determination after we've verified required training, and processed the information in our internal databases. This can take between 3-5 business days from the DOE grant date.

Other Clearance Action Inquiries
Personnel who have been processed for other clearance actions (i.e., upgrade, reinstate) may contact the DOE/NNSA Personnel Security Division Help Desk at (505) 845-4636 to inquire about the status of their clearance.