CASoS Engineering

CASoS Engineering

Engineering solutions within Complex Adaptive Systems of Systems

Map of Paris streets and image of tree branches and leaves showing similar structure

Our goal is to engineer solutions to problems within the vastly complex and critically important socio-economic-technical systems on which humanity depends. These systems are all fundamentally Complex Adaptive Systems of Systems (CASoS) whose influence spans local to global scales.

Diagram of analysis elements in CASoS EngineeringPerturbations/disruptions in CASoS bring with them the potential for far-reaching effects due to highly-saturated interdependencies and attendant vulnerabilities to cascades in associated systems.

We experiment with models before implementing strategies in a real system. Our ambitious but realistic goals for Complex Adaptive Systems models are that they be explanatory and that through experimentation and data collection a medium-level of confidence in their predictive capability can be developed.

Modeling results support our multi-faceted strategic designs for risk mitigation that is robust to uncertainty.

We approach this high-impact problem space as engineers, devising interventions or problem solutions that influence CASoS to achieve specific aspirations, an activity we call CASoS Engineering.