Finding secure footing in a time of rapid global change

world map showing connections among people on all continents

Global interdependency and the speed at which goods, services, technology, ideas, information, people, disease and even mood travel across the planet is increasing at a scale and degree far beyond historical experience.

The international security ramifications of this escalating interdependency cannot be controlled without strategic policies that address the combined economic, social and governmental processes that structure the flow of goods and services and ensure international prosperity.

Set of 3 graphs showing (left) staus quo values and both small (middle) and large (right) perturbations to resource levelsresults of perturbations to resources

For the example analysis shown above: In the left panel, the evolution to dynamic equilibrium is shown with three nations who primarily produce raw materials falling well below the health of the other six. In the middle panel, a small shock removes a portion of the raw materials within the system and the health of nations that produce the raw material goes up while those that require it goes down, followed by a resettling to the original dynamic equilibrium. In the panel to the right, the shock is large and causes disruption from which the system cannot recover (note the change in scale for this right panel).