The growing diffusion of nuclear weapon technology, material and expertise makes strategic tools for nonproliferation critical

Map of countries having nuclear weapons, those developing capabilities to build weapons, and those having access to necessary materials for their development

Nuclear nonproliferation efforts traditionally have focused on controlling the supply of proliferation-relevant technology, material, and expertise. As barriers to diffusion of all three have been lowered, there is increased acknowledgement of the need to reduce demand for such weapons, and, in cases where efforts to prevent proliferation have failed, the need to develop effective international responses.

Small diagram of nonproliferation process elements and link to larger graphicWith few exceptions, approaches to nonproliferation have remained qualitatively the same over the last sixty years. In addition, many states whose active support is essential, view nonproliferation as primarily a U.S. issue and in some cases see U.S. military superiority as a more serious threat to their security than nuclear proliferation. Such states are often unresponsive to requests to strengthen their nonproliferation efforts.