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MATLAB Tensor Toolbox Contributed Code

We invite user contributions of algorithms that use the Tensor Toolbox for posting on this web page and/or inclusion in the Tensor Toolbox. You can send the code to us or just a link to the code hosted on your own website.

Please include the following information in the comments of every file:

  • List of authors and their affiliations (required)
  • Email address for primary contact (required)
  • Date (required)
  • Version number (recommended)

We will only post well-documented code, and we encourage the inclusion of examples of how to use your code.

To submit a contribution, please send the following information via email to

  1. The name of the contribution.
  2. A short description (1-3 sentences).
  3. A list of authors.
  4. The code itself (if you want it posted on our page, subject to the legal statement below) or a pointer to the code.

Important Legal Statement: YOU agree to assign all rights to Sandia for any contributions including, but not limited to enhancements, improvements, modifications, alterations and fixes produced as a result of working with the TENSOR TOOLBOX.

Tensor objects in MATLAB — The tensor toolbox allows for the manipulation of multiway arrays.

Tamara Kolda

Brett Bader

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