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Siva Rajamanickam


  • Complex Network Partitioning Using Label Propagation, with George Slota and Kamesh Madduri just appeared in SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing.
  • The new github organization HPCGraphAnalysis has the codes for
    • Multistep - the implementation of multithreaded (strongly) connected components algorithm
    • HPCGraph - a library for different graph computations on HPC systems
    • PuLP - a shared-memory and distributed-memory graph partitioning tool using label propagation
  • We just posted our report on Partitioning Trillion-edge graphs in minutes in arXiv (with George Slota and Kamesh Madduri).
  • A talk I gave in the Sixth International Workshop on Accelerators and Hybrid Exascale Systems (AsHES) in IPDPS 2016 can be accessed here.
  • Long time graduate student intern George Slota moved to RPI as an assistant professor. Congrats, George !
  • A talk I gave in the fourteenth copper mountain conference on iterative methods can be accessed here.
  • We submitted an invited journal article on survey of direct methods for sparse linear systems to Acta Numerica. The Tech Report version of the survey of direct methods is also available.
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