Recent Presentations

Ray S. Tuminaro

Some Parallel Multigrid Issues, invited talk at Scalable Linear Solvers Workshop, Livermore (Jun. 2001).

Parallel Smoothed Aggregation within the ML Multilevel Framework and its Application to Sandia Simulations, invited talk at Preconditioning 2001, Tahoe City, (May 2001).

A Parallel Multilevel Preconditioning Module for Unstructured Mesh Krylov Solvers, Copper Mtn Multigrid Meeting, Copper Mtn (Apr 2001).

Highly Parallel Algebraic Multigrid on Massively Parallel Machines, SC 2000, Dallas (Nov 2000).

The ML Multilevel Framework and Parallel Smoothed Aggregation, Stanford Seminar, Stanford, (Feb 2000).

Performance Study of a Parallel Multilevel Method based on Smoothed Aggregation, Copper Mtn Iterative Solver Meeting, Copper Mtn (Apr. 2000).

Computational Issues in Fully Implicit Unstructured Finite Element Simulations, invited talk at Large-Scale Nonlinear Methods Workshop, Pleasanton (July 2000).

Ray S. Tuminaro