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Sandia Research (2009-present)

As a postdoc at Sandia, I have been working primarily on the following three projects.

Extreme-scale Algorithms and Software Institute (EASI)

I have been working to develop architecture-aware algorithms for scalable performance as part of the Extreme-scale Algorithms and Software Institute (EASI). The basic idea behind this project is that there is a significant discrepancy between the theoretical peak performance of a supercomputer and the realized performance of important large-scale computational science applications. The thrust of this project is to improve the parallel performance of these applications to realize a higher percentage of this peak performance. My early work has been on developing parallel triangular solvers for multi-core and many-core architectures.

Climate Modeling

I have also been working on the NNSA BER Climate Research Project, to migrate FV-MAS (finite volumes for modeling across scales) into high-performance computing environments such as leadership class supercomputers. My efforts will be mostly focused on improving the parallel performance of the parallel software and interfacing the climate modeling code with the load-balancing and ordering tools in Zoltan. I will also be involved in developing a communication abstraction to allow for the usage of different parallel programming models within the climate application.


I have been continuing some of my thesis work as part as the Institute for Combinatorial Scientific Computing and Petascale Simulations (CSCAPES), a SciDAC institute. In particular, I have been researching and developing two-dimensional sparse matrix partitioning algorithms. The plan is for these new 2D algorithms (as well as previously developed 2D methods) to be integrated into Isorropia, so they will be readily available for Trilinos users.

Previous Research

UIUC Research (2003-2009)
SLAC Research (1998-2003)

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