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Kenneth Moreland

One Handsome Guy

Kenneth Moreland
Sandia National Laboratories
P.O. Box 5800 MS 1326
Albuquerque, NM 87185-1326

A Fast High Accuracy Volume Renderer for Unstructured Data

"A Fast High Accuracy Volume Renderer for Unstructured Data." Kenneth Moreland and Edward Angel. In Proceedings of IEEE Symposium on Volume Visualization and Graphics 2004, October 2004, pp. 9–16.

This work is a subset of my Ph.D. dissertation, Fast High Accuracy Volume Rendering.


In this paper, we describe an unstructured mesh volume renderer. Our renderer is interactive and accurately integrates light intensity an order of magnitude faster than previous methods. We employ a projective technique that takes advantage of the expanded programmability of the latest 3D graphics hardware. We also analyze an optical model commonly used for scientific volume rendering and derive a new method to compute it that is very accurate but computationally feasible in real time. We demonstrate a system that can accurately produce a volume rendering of an unstructured mesh with a first-order approximation to any classification method. Furthermore, our system is capable of rendering over 300 thousand tetrahedra per second yet is independent of the classification scheme used.

Full Paper

A Fast High Accuracy Volume Renderer for Unstructured Data


Here are implementations of the code described in the paper.


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