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Jonathan Hu

Jonathan Hu Senior Member of the Technical Staff

Page Contact
Jonathan Hu
1-925-294-2234 (fax)

Mailing Address
Sandia National Labs
P.O. Box 969, Mailstop 9159
Livermore, CA 94551-0969

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Jonathan Hu: Research

My main research activities are centered around developing effective preconditioning methods to accelerate the solution of large sparse linear systems. The research is often motivated by collaborations with Sandia colleagues. For example, I co-developed a scalable algebraic multigrid preconditioner for the time-dependent Maxwell's equations discretized with first order edge elements.

I am currently working with colleagues on developing algebraic multigrid methods based on constrained energy-minimization techniques. This is joint work with Jeremie Gaidamour, Chris Siefert, Ray Tuminaro, Axel Gerstenberger, and Tobias Wiesner (Technical University Munich).

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